Facing the Future with Peace


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Embracing Life’s Ultimate Spiritual Journey
Watch the video about A Beautiful Death from Open to Hope Foundation

When it became clear that her husband, Stephen, was not going to survive terminal cancer, Cheryl Eckl began a courageous journey to walk with him all the way to the doorway of the next world.

Her personal pilgrimage transformed her own life and inspired her passion to offer others not only her intimate story but also the resources and deep understanding she garnered along the way.

Cheryl’s book, A Beautiful Death is a compassionate and honest work that begins a dynamic dialogue about the dying process, its stark reality and its indefinable glory. Read why Cheryl felt compelled to put her moving experiences into words at The Book.

If you doubt your own ability to face the end of life, read Cheryl’s encouraging introduction: You Can Do This


“There are blessings and miracles inherent in a person’s final hours. By embracing the experience, those of us who remain can make death a sacred adventure of great love and resolution. I welcome you with all my heart to what I hope will be for you a source of support as you face life’s most difficult journey.”

You are invited to join a community of comfort and compassion. A place to find out how to face loss and grief with confidence, grace and peace. Explore the site for Articles and a fresh and uplifting perspective on death and dying, grief and loss.

Now available: Cheryl’s second book, A Beautiful Grief: Reflections on Letting Go

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